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Dongguan canxing electronics co., LTD., a company directly under zhongxing electronics international co., LTD., is a high-tech electronic component manufacturer engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of encoders, potentiometers, switches and carbon diaphragm, precision hardware, plastic, zinc alloy die-casting accessories and other products.The company implements iso9001:2008 international quality management system, and gradually introduces ISO/TS16949 quality system and ISO14001 environmental management system.






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What is the difference be

1. From the appearance, each key of single control switch can be connected with two lines, while each key of double cont

Advantages and disadvanta

One, the synthesis of carbon film potentiometerThe resistive body of synthetic carbon film potentiometer is composed of

Brief introduction to sev

1. Rotary single potentiometer: this is a circular potentiometer. It has a metal rotary handle.The handle can be rotated

What is a carbon diaphrag

What is a carbon diaphragm?Scientists have reportedly developed the world's thinnest material, a carbon film that is


Common failures of encode

1. Failure of the encoder itself: it refers to the failure of the components of the encoder itself.It can not produce an


ELTRAHow the encoder work

ELTRA encoder worksELTRA encoder is one of the best brand in Italy, and its excellent quality is well received in the in


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Encoder notes2019-01

The installationDo not apply direct impact to the shaft during installation.The encoder shaft shall be connected to the

Rotary encoder form class2019-01

Shaft type: shaft type can be divided into clamping flange type, synchronous flange type and servo installation type.Axl

Why should the motor inst2019-01

Basic classification of encodersEncoder is a precise measuring device which is closely combined with machinery and elect


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About power supply and en
There are three working power sources for general encoders: 5Vdc, 5-13Vdc or 11-26 Vdc.If you buy an 11-26vdc encoder, y
From proximity switch, ph
Industrial control in the positioning, proximity switch, photoelectric switch applications have been quite mature, and v
How to use incremental en
1. The incremental rotary encoder has different resolutions, which are measured by the number of pulses generated per tu
What are the consideratio
What are the considerations for incremental rotary encoder selection?Three parameters should be noted:1.Installation dim

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