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Dongguan canxing electronics co., LTD., a company directly under zhongxing electronics international co., LTD., is a high-tech electronic component manufacturer engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of encoders, potentiometers, switches and carbon diaphragm, precision hardware, plastic, zinc alloy die-casting accessories and other products.The company implements iso9001:2008 international quality management system, and gradually introduces ISO/TS16949 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ROHS management system, etc.Run through the whole process from parts design, mold making, parts production, finished product assembly and sales.

We firmly believe that quality is the life of the enterprise, all staff always implement the "participation, standard, performance, excellent" quality policy and analysis -- judgment -- solution -- satisfaction of the work style and customers, suppliers, enterprise staff, society, and common growth.Promote the technical innovation and improve the system production management, continuous improvement of product quality, at the same time, let customers choose SEL products become a habit.

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Dongguan canxing electronics co. LTD

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