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About power supply and encoder and PLC connection:

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There are three working power sources for general encoders: 5Vdc, 5-13

Vdc or 11-26 Vdc.If you buy an 11-26vdc encoder, you can use the 24V power supply of PLC. Please note:

1.The power consumption of the encoder is within the power range of the PLC power supply.

2.If the encoder is parallel output and connected to the I/O point of PLC, it is necessary to know whether the signal level of the encoder is push-pull (or push-pull type) output or open-collector output. If the open-collector output, there are N type and P type, which need to be the same as the I/O polarity of PLC.If the push-pull output is connected, there is no problem.

3. If the encoder is the output of the driver, the general signal level is 5V, so please be careful when connecting, and do not let the 24V power level string into the 5V signal wiring and damage the signal end of the encoder.(our company can also make wide voltage driver output (5-30 Vdc), please note when ordering)

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